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FEES & Billing


Consultation Fees

Dennis Road Medical is a mixed billing practice. Please see below general fees and also doctor-specific fees.


To make the Medicare claiming process easier for our patients, we are able to send your Medicare claim electronically for you at time of payment. For this to occur, your bank account details will need to be registered with Medicare. Bank details can be registered through your MyGov account, by calling Medicare on 132 011, or by filling in the 'Bank Account Details Collection' form which can be found online here


Medicare will usually deposit the consultation rebate into your nominated bank account within 24 hours.

Our doctors understand that patients may face financial difficulty and therefore have the discretion to bulk bill patients.  Please discuss with your doctor at the time of consultation.

General Fees - Non-Health Care Card Holders 
As of 1 September 2022

Dr Madeleine Carstens

General Fees - Concession Card Holders 
As of 1 October 2022

Fees subject to change without notice*

Dr Madeleine Carstens 

Dr Carstens bulk bills regular* patients of the practice who are:

  • Children  15 years and under

  • Pensioner Concession Card Holders

  • Commonwealth Senior Concession Card Holders

* A regular patient is one who has been seen at the practice by their doctor within 2 years of their last consultation.

Bulk billing also applies to the following visit types:


  • Health Assessments 

  • Health Heart Check

Dr Suntha Sutharsan

Dr Suntha bulk bills his regular patients who are:

  • Pensioner Concession Card Holders

  • Commonwealth Senior Concession Card Holders

  • Children 15 years and under

Patients who have not attended in the past 24 months are required to pay an initial consultation fee of:


Standard Consult: $55.00 (out of pocket: $8.80)

Long Consult: $90.00 (out of pocket: $10.30)

After the 1st  Consultation, if you are a Pension Concession Card Holder or Health Care Card Holder  you will  be bulked billed for all future appointments. All children 15 years and younger will be bulk billed regardless of attendance.

Medicare Safety Net

The Medicare Safety Net provides a higher Medicare rebate for out of hospital costs, such as your doctors visits.

Once your out of pocket expenses exceed the threshold set by Medicare, you may be eligible for the Medicare Safety Net for the remainder of the calendar year. 

The Medicare threshold for families and couples is the same as the threshold for individuals. This means when  families are more likely to reach the threshold sooner, so it’s important that you register to receive potential benefits.

Registering for the Medicare Safety Net can be done online through your MyGov account.

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